Next Lighting Project to Feature LED Lamps

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  
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Effective managers always look for ways to cut costs and improve energy efficiency. So even though the savings from the medical center's lighting retrofit were higher than initial projections, Miller saw more low-hanging fruit.

"We are getting ready to embark on another lighting retrofit project," he says. "We are actually going to be changing out 2,000 fixtures that will be retrofitted or replaced in our medical center. We're also going to install over 50 additional occupancy sensors in specified areas.

"One thing I'm really excited about is we're actually going to fit out one of our parking decks with all LED lighting fixtures. Over 490 fixtures in our parking lot will be LED. We're really excited about that. We're really making a big investment in that area with the LED fixtures." The capital investment for the upcoming project is $780,000, and Miller estimates it will generate annual savings of about $51,000.

"We knew there was more out there, but we knew it would be a little more difficult to get," Miller says. "That's where us working with service providers helps us understand, 'Where is that next level of savings, and how do we go about getting it?' I'm sure even after this lighting project, we'll be doing another lighting project because the technology is getting better and better.

"In a lot of what we're doing, we're changing out the T8s we put in the last project with newer T8s that are lower in wattage. It's really revamping some of the old lighting."

Closer Look: Lighting Retrofit

Chris Miller discusses the lighting retrofit's role in the Georgia Regents Medical Center becoming an Energy Star certified hospital.


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