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Two Illinois Schools to Utilize IAQ Monitoring Systems

It is part of a three-year project involving the schools.   June 7, 2024

By FacilitiesNet Staff

Attune, along with the Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE, deployed Attune IAQ monitoring systems in Forest Hills Elementary School and McClure Junior High in Western Springs, Illinois. 

Following the growing concern about poor indoor air quality post-pandemic, the three-year project will include Attune's IAQ sensor installation in classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias and libraries to collect breathing data. It will also include hands-on workshops and educational materials to educate students, teachers and administrators on what indoor air quality is and how it impacts our lives.  

Once installed, Attune's real-time data monitoring devices measure the levels of airborne pollutants on hand 24/7 and maximize the efficiency of their HVAC. Through air quality monitoring equipment, teachers and administrators can view building data instantaneously with changes in temperature, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to explore Attune's online platform and experiment with real-life data. 

"We are grateful for the opportunity to work with D101 and ASHRAE to help educate students on indoor air quality in Chicago," says Serene Almomen, CEO and co-founder of Attune. "The research from this project will improve the learning environments for students and teachers and the future of Chicago education." 

The Illinois State Board of Education reports chronic absenteeism rates being higher in Chicago than statewide, with 49 percent of students missing at least 10 percent of school days, doubling since the pandemic. Factors like poor classroom breathing conditions and other respiratory health effects have been linked to lower academic performance and chronic absenteeism among students. 

"This project combines the science and research from ASHRAE and the latest technology from Attune. It creates an excellent educational opportunity for the public schools in the district and is a leap forward in continuing education for the future generation," said Sumayyah Theron, ASHRAE sustainability project chair. 

"This sustainability project will help showcase indoor air quality in schools and will open up a dialogue on methods to improve it," says Theron. "Indoor air quality is an important component for healthy environments." 

ASHRAE's sustainability project started in February 2024 and will continue for three years, concluding in February 2027. Annual results will be shared with the school district and a case study to be showcased at the 2026 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Las Vegas. 


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