IAQ and Chemicals

IAQ, MSDS, chemicals   November 10, 2010

Being able to provide for good indoor air quality in a facility means arming yourself with detailed information on all the products that might impact the air quality within the facility. It is important to request material safety data sheets (MSDS) on all products that may outgas chemicals.

An MSDS will provide general information on the product, list hazardous ingredients, and cite the effects of overexposure to the chemicals. It will also outline appropriate emergency and first aid procedures, provide fire and explosion data, physical data and reactivity data. Lastly it will provide spill, leak, maintenance or repair and disposal procedures; routine handling precautions and special precautions.

Another step in properly managing chemicals for good indoor air quality deals with their storage. The fumes given off by various solvents can be toxic, and the dangers increase as various chemicals mix. To minimize risk, be sure to always follow the directions listed on the container, store the chemicals appropriately. And never ever mix different cleaning solvents.


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