Facility Managers Can Help To Lessen Stress Of Elevator Stranding

elevator, emergency, planning, communication, facility   November 5, 2010

I'm Justin Smith, managing editor of web development for Building Operating Management magazine. Today's tip: keeping a cool head while trapped in an elevator. Once in a lifetime. Those are a person's odds of being stuck in an elevator, according to the Hometown Life newspaper in Detroit. With 700,000 elevators in the United States and 120 billion elevator rides per year, you may not know when it's your turn to get stuck, but facility managers can help soften the shock by communicating a few simple tips. These can help tenants, users or even yourself should the situation occur. First, don't panic. Remember that there is enough air inside. Locate the emergency call button or use a cell phone to call for help. Never attempt to open the doors yourself - the elevator may begin moving again at any time. Wait until a mechanic arrives to open the door for you. And don't worry about the cable snapping - many systems have redundant cables to protect against falling. With these short reminders, managers can prevent long headaches later.


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