Good HVAC Maintenance Practices Mean Good Indoor Air Quality

  July 9, 2012

Even the most sophisticated HVAC system will fail to provide good indoor air quality if not properly maintained, which makes developing an HVAC maintenance plan crucial to assuring the proper operation of the building's HVAC system so it can provide an acceptable indoor environment. Facility managers interested in fostering good indoor air quality should make certain to have an HVAC preventive maintenance program that includes:
&mdash: Scheduled inspection, cleaning and service.
&mdash: Calibration of control system components.
&mdash: Replacement parts that at least meet design specifications.
&mdash: Proper procedure documentation.

To facilitate inspection and maintenance of the duct system, facility managers should consider installing access doors in the HVAC ducts. The access doors should be gasketed and provide a tight seal. In addition, facility managers may also want to install access doors in the HVAC equipment if access is insufficient for inspection or maintenance.

Another component of good maintenance practices to protect indoor air quality is to make sure you're using proper levels of biocide in water treatment systems. Cooling towers are prime sources of microorganism growth. They require continuous attention. Periodic testing is also advisable.


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