How Can You Take Advantage of the Green Classroom Professional Certificate?

  July 2, 2012

Today's tip is about a new credential from The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council. It's called the Green Classroom Professional certificate, and it can be a big help to facility managers in school facilities to foster a school environment dedicated to sustainability.

Here why: Other than the obvious — don't leave lights on! — there aren't a lot of good training tools for facility managers to help teach their occupants how to be energy efficient and green. The Green Classroom Professional certificate, which is for teachers, principals and administrators, helps provide structured training for stakeholders about sustainable strategies.

The certificate includes 12 modules covering key topics in classroom health, including indoor air quality, water efficiency, and resources.

Sure, teachers are busy, and if you introduce this, there may be some resistance. But because many school districts have had huge funding cuts lately, if FMs can show the principals or other administrators that certifying teachers may have a tangible monetary benefit with a specific payback, chances are much better of getting teachers on their side too.

For more information about the credential, please visit the Center for Green Schools at www.centerforgreenschools.org/greenclassroom.


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