Get Air Where It Needs to Go for Good IAQ

  November 18, 2011

Bringing in sufficient amounts of outside air can be an important component in maintaining good indoor air quality at your facility. But just because you are bringing sufficient amounts of outdoor air into the building doesn't mean the outdoor air is actually being efficiently delivered to occupants.

In order to ensure that outdoor air is getting where it needs to, it's important to optimize the operation of your ductwork by removing air flow resistances.

Review your ductwork, and make sure that proper duct sizes are being used, smooth duct transitions are in place, proper tuning vanes are installed and excessive flex duct connections are removed.

Through a comprehensive audit of your duct system, you can identify opportunities to remove air flow resistances that can not only improve the air quality of the building, but that also save energy.

While you're at it, make sure air supply diffusers serving the occupied spaces are not obstructed. Obstructed supply air diffusers can ruin proper air balance. When this occurs, some areas receive too much supply air, while others receive too little. Also, improper air pressure relationships between the building and the outdoors, as well as between key areas within the building, can develop. This facilitates pollutant transfer.

If occupants are complaining of drafts, several remedial options exist:
- occupant location can be changed
- diffuser location can be moved
- different diffuser design can be used.

Some of these options require that the air system be rebalanced.


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