Top Tips For Roof Maintenance

  November 14, 2011

Today's tip is about things to keep in mind when performing roof maintenance. Just like any other piece of facility equipment, the roof can't be expected to perform its main function — keeping the facility dry — without regular attention. The roof, though, seems to be the one thing that's ignored most frequently when it comes to preventive maintenance.

If that sounds familiar, these tips may be able to get you back on the roofing maintenance bandwagon. The first is easy — simply check your roof manufacturer's warranty to remind yourself what it requires regarding maintenance. Chances are the answer's not nothing.

Whatever those requirements, the key to a good roof preventive maintenance program is to do regular roof inspections. That means at least twice per year, usually in the spring and fall. This includes checking all flashings, drains, gutters, and other roof peripherals.

At the time of inspection, make sure to remove all leaves and other debris, and thoroughly clean the drains. Check all the laps to make sure they're still secure. This is also the time to make minor repairs — patches to flashings or perform a recoating in worn areas, for instances.

Finally, make sure to document what exactly you've done, even if you didn't find anything wrong with the roof. This will help with warranty compliance if an issue arises down the line. It will also help you figure out when a replacement is nigh, and will give you a ton of data to add to your proposal for your organization's financial folks.


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