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Case Study: Improving IAQ with Internet of Things and AI

  August 12, 2021

Through an all-in-one connected indoor air quality (IAQ) solution employees and clients of Cadence Financial Group will benefit from safer indoor air in the office space they occupy. 

The wealth management group’s head office, based in Vancouver, Canada, is being equipped with a combination of IoT-enabled 24/7 air quality monitoring and AI-driven connected air purification provided by mCloud Technologies’ cloud-based AssetCare platform. The technology is capable of outperforming standard HEPA filtration by continuously eliminating up to 95 percent of harmful particulates and contaminants smaller than one micron in size.

“We place tremendous importance on the health and safety of our clients and employees at Cadence especially in this age of the post-pandemic workplace,” says Seth Allen, Managing Partner at Cadence. “We chose mCloud and their AssetCare solution because it provides everything we were looking for in one package.”

The AssetCare HVAC and IAQ solution also uses AI to drive HVAC energy efficiency improvements of up to 25 percent, driving cost savings and enabling positive ESG outcomes, alongside continuous visibility and active management of a building’s ventilation system. Air purification technologies connected to the system provide customers with a complete IAQ solution that exceeds the standards and regulations set by health and building authorities around the world.

“Our ability to connect one floor of a larger commercial building enabled Cadence to act swiftly in bringing cleaner indoor air to their spaces without the overhead typically associated with a smart building solution,” says Dr. Patrick O’Neill, mCloud’s President for Connected Buildings.


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