New HVAC system cools path to savings for Valley International Airport

  September 22, 2017

By Ryan Berlin

Valley International Airport replaced its cooling towers and 11 air handlers and installed a completely new HVAC system.

Airport officials are actually looking forward to their next electric bill, the first since their new HVAC system has been up and running.

“I’ve not yet received a bill for the replacement of the air handlers,” says Bryan Wren, assistant director of aviation. “Because we’re pre-cooling the air now before it hits the big box, instead of running at 100 percent to cool it, we’re now barely hitting 40 percent.

“It’s going to be a huge savings.”

The new HVAC system is one of nine major projects the airport has embarked upon in the last year or two.


This Quick Read was submitted by Ryan Berlin, managing editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions, ryan.berlin@tradepressmedia.com. Read more about HVAC solutions and HVAC maintenance and energy savings.


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