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Case Study: Sustainability, Occupant Comfort Achieved Through HVAC Upgrade

  December 21, 2021

Since 1858, Fifth Third Bank has emphasized superior customer service and sound banking principles to establish itself as one of the most well-known regional consumer banks in the United States. With a vast footprint spanning 1,000+ full-service banking centers and 2,350+ ATMs across 11 states, Fifth Third Bank serves a wide range of customers, offering personal banking, business banking, commercial banking, and wealth management. 

Fifth Third Bank has lived up to the high standards it has set for itself when it comes to sustainability. Over the past few years, the company has set aggressive goals to reduce its energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water use. It has also paid particular attention to how it operates its buildings to meet its ambitious goals, taking measures to reduce its energy use through LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, and building controls. Building upon these proactive measures, Fifth Third is now purchasing 100 percent renewable power and has achieved carbon neutrality for its operations (including all scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 business travel emissions). 

Business Challenge 

Retail bank locations serve clients with diverse financial needs, from depositing a paycheck to qualifying for a loan. Bank locations must provide a pleasant, safe and welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their personal financial needs. 

One way to ensure a comfortable environment is through well-designed HVAC systems. No matter what the outside weather conditions are, banks must balance between heating and cooling to ensure that clients feel comfortable indoors, with a consistent and expected environment. By prioritizing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), banks provide a safe location and remove airborne particles, mitigating the potential impact from COVID-19 and other viruses. 

To fully maximize a robust HVAC system, organizations need visibility into all the system data to understand how their HVAC is running at all times. An easy-to-use building management system that provides simple integration, a user-friendly interface and advanced analytics can provide organizations with the insights to understand how its HVAC equipment is running. 

Recognizing that HVAC is the largest source of energy use in buildings, Fifth Third Bank reached out to Turntide about an intelligent building management solution that could help it manage energy consumption and occupant comfort across its fleet of bank locations. 


Fifth Third Bank turned to the Turntide Technology for Sustainable Operations, as well as its partners, to deliver a building automation solution that would provide: 

  • Seamless Integration: Fifth Third Bank wanted a solution that would easily integrate with its existing HVAC systems and other equipment within its bank locations. 

  • Friendly User Interface: Fifth Third Bank wanted a solution that provided a consistent and simple interface, providing a holistic, single pane of glass view to understand how its HVAC equipment is running at a glance. 

  • Advanced Analytics: Fifth Third Bank wanted a solution that would generate advanced analytics to gain actionable insights from equipment data. 

As part of the Turntide Technology solution, Turntide deployed the Turntide Hub and other Edge components to connect with Fifth Third Bank’s existing HVAC equipment. Additionally, Fifth Third Bank leveraged the Turntide application for a dashboard to help it monitor its equipment. 

Business Outcomes 

The Turntide Technology for Sustainable Operations solution successfully addressed Fifth Third Bank’s main priorities for its building management solution. Equipped with an extra layer of insights, Fifth Third Bank has run its HVAC equipment more efficiently while maintaining occupant comfort, seeing an average 15 percent reduction in energy use compared to baseline. 

Seamless Integration: Fifth Third Bank can quickly manage all of its equipment information with the Turntide app, enabling it to act on data across multiple systems and banks. 

Friendly User Interface: Fifth Third Bank can leverage the Turntide app for a convenient, single pane of glass view, making it easy for Fifth Third Bank to routinely monitor its equipment usage and health from a building manager’s fingertips. 

Visibility and Advanced Analytics: Upon installing Turntide, Fifth Third Bank gained visibility into operational issues with some of its HVAC equipment that previously went undetected. Leveraging the power of analytics and data, Fifth Third Bank proactively conducted HVAC equipment repairs to bolster the long-term health and reliability of its HVAC systems. 

Ideal Customer Experience: Fifth Third Bank can monitor its buildings remotely to standardize setpoints that prioritize occupant comfort, providing a pleasant and consistent customer experience in its bank locations. 

To date, Turntide’s technology is now in over 300 Fifth Third Bank locations. With Turntide, Fifth Third Bank is on a future-proof path toward sustainable operations, attacking energy waste at every level to achieve a transformational impact in protecting our planet for future generations. 


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