bipoloar ionization

Case Study: Facility Ups COVID-19 Prevention with Bipolar Ionization

  December 20, 2021

Truliant Federal Credit Union has installed the bipolar ionization technology in its heating and cooling units as a Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) preventative measure. Installations were completed at its headquarters and Truliant Academy facilities this Spring and throughout its branch footprint in June and July.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization have recommended a layered strategy to reduce exposures and the spread of COVID-19. Truliant implements a number of administrative and space controls, wearing masks, frequent cleaning and physical distancing to reduce transmission. 

“Continuous sanitation methods like bipolar ionization can help reduce harmful pathogens from Truliant’s workspaces,” says Chad Frye, senior vice president of facilities and administrative services. “Adding to our already high standards of cleaning and disinfection is a proactive way to show Truliant’s commitment to our staff and members’ health.” 

The systems were manufactured by indoor air quality leader Global Plasma Solutions, based in Charlotte, N.C. The technology also works to deactivate harmful substances, break down volatile organic compounds, kill mold spores and bacteria and eliminate odors. 

As the commercial HVAC industry works to meet increased air quality and ventilation demands for hi-use locations, Truliant joins a growing list of institutions including school systems, hospitals, fairgrounds, universities and performing arts venues who are using bipolar ionization as a COVID-19 mitigation measure.    

Other Truliant efforts to improve air quality include using high MERV rating air filters; using increased minimum outside air/economizer settings where possible; and running fans continuously when automated controls are available while buildings are occupied. 


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