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How to Specify High-Tech Boilers to Get What You Want

Identifying goals, objectives, and expectations for a high-tech boiler system isn't easy, but it's a necessary first step to be sure a system will meet FM's needs.

By Roy Collver  
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There is a lot of excitement and buzz around new smart HVAC technologies, but building owners making the decision to go all-in with B-IoT or a traditional BAS should take the time to clearly define goals, objectives, and expectations, put together a legitimate business case, and come up with a realistic budget. This is not a simple process. Although it can be painful and time-consuming, it is well worth the effort to involve anyone in the organization who will have to interact with the new systems. Valuable insight often comes from unexpected and overlooked sources. Stakeholders also really need to understand what the ultimate benefits should be. After all is said and done, if there is not enough buy-in from key departments, the decision may be “no go” or “not at this time” or “let’s take another look.” Facility managers should not shy away from making one of these decisions if the fit isn’t right.

Specifying, purchasing, installing, and implementing these full-blown systems will require significant investment before any savings is realized. Once a system is installed, there can be a lengthy implementation process where software programmers and building operators need to work together through various iterations until their objectives are achieved. The more knowledge gained going in, the easier the process will be. It is extremely important that projects looking at this technology be very closely monitored from start to finish. Engage with suppliers and consultants to ensure their ideas match your expectations and budget. Get it in writing, and make contractual obligations. Look to future maintenance of the system and plan for future expandability and upgrade capability.

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