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AHRI Certification Benefits for HVAC Products

Selecting HVAC products that have earned certification offers managers several advantages. By selecting certified products, they know they are getting what they pay for.

Manufacturers of non-certified products can make all sorts of claims about the energy efficiency of their products, and while the claims can be true, the problem is that the performance numbers that they cite have not occurred under the same operating conditions used in the certification process.

Managers can make valid performance comparisons between products only when manufacturers use identical test conditions, which is what happens during the certification process. Certification provides managers with a level of confidence that the product they are selecting will perform as advertised.

Selecting certified products also can assure managers that new construction projects, renovations, and replacements meet mandated energy standards. While certification helps ensure the facility complies with local requirements, it also can help qualify the facility for participation in utility rebate programs.

Utility rebate programs are designed to help utilities control their costs, particularly when it comes to peak demand. High demand levels force utilities to bring on lower-efficiency or higher-cost equipment. In extreme cases, it can result in outages of service. Rebate programs focus on reducing the demand among customers for their product during these peak periods.

Under most programs, certified components and systems help the organization qualify for the rebate. In many cases, managers must submit the certification reference number as part of the application process.

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  posted on 4/26/2014   Article Use Policy

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