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Facility Maintenance Decisions
PAGE Boosting Boiler and Water Heater Efficiency Increasing Boiler Efficency by Using Proper Maintenance Seasonal Schedules and Climate Play a Factor in Boiler Efficiency SIDEBAR: Energy-Efficiency Resources Product Focus: Boilers and Water Heaters

Increasing Boiler Efficency by Using Proper Maintenance

Increasing Boiler Efficency by Using Proper MaintenancePart two of a five part series on Boiler and Water Heater Efficiency

By Daniel Baker HVAC   Article Use Policy

Maintenance matters

Managers also can increase the efficiency of a heating system by properly maintaining plumbing and piping systems. Over time, as leaks begin to develop in the system’s piping, they can result in significant losses throughout the entire system.

Providing a makeup-water system can help counteract these losses. Providing extra water by means of a makeup water system can help compensate for the losses of the primary system. This step also can help maintain system efficiency. By having operators monitor the make-up system on a weekly basis, managers can ensure that any increase in makeup water use is recorded and that technicians can resolve any issue more effectively.

When providing makeup water to a steam system, operators must perform daily monitoring to catch significant increases in makeup usage. When sharp increases in makeup water begin to occur in a steam system, it is important for operators to check that the condensate-return system is not suffering substantial losses. Using the condensate return effectively is an important measure in maintaining the efficiency of a steam system. Effective use of condensate return in a steam system can reduce the need for makeup water and, as a result, reduce pump use and water loss.

posted on 4/18/2017