Some Florida Nursing Homes Struggling to Comply with New Back-Up Power Rules

  March 2, 2018

By Cathryn Jakicic

Some Florida nursing homes are struggling to comply with the new back-up power rules enacted after 14 Broward County nursing home patients after Hurricane Irma, according to an article on the Tampa Bay Times website.

In September, Gov. Rick Scott issued an emergency rule that required all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to install generators within 60 days and to have enough fuel on hand to power them for 96 hours. If the facilities didn’t comply within that time frame, they were subject to fines of $1,000 a day until they did. Plus, the Agency for Health Care Administration released lists of nursing homes that were not in compliance every few weeks, the article said.

But the process has been difficult — the rules have been modified twice since late last year. 

Nursing home operators say preparing their facilities to meet these new standards have been complicated and expensive.

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