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Robots in Hospitals: Has the Time Come?

By Cathryn Jakicic Health Care Facilities

A robot named Relay, already in use in the hospitality industry, has shown potential for applications in healthcare facilities, according to Healthcare Finance. The robot was designed to help hospital staff transport and deliver medicines and materials.

Relay would actively roam the hospital hallways, coming into contact with patients and staff. To make its presence less jarring to humans, the robot was designed to resemble the droids from Star Wars movies. The developers chose R2-D2 as a model for both the robot’s look and sound.

Relay can deliver materials and handle potentially toxic loads that would be dangerous for a human to transport. It also can navigate physical environments and refine its digital knowledge continuously.

Cathryn Jakicic is healthcare industries editor of FacilitiesNet.com. For more information on hospital campuses and other medical facilities, click here.


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