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Healthcare Facilities Leading Way in Climate Change Prep

By Cathryn Jakicic Health Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities leading way in climate change prep, recycling, turning off lights and computers, planting trees in the community, and buying Energy Star-certified equipment, according to an article on the Think Progress website.

The Cleveland Clinic started thinking “green” more than a decade ago and the environmentally conscious practices have become part of its culture.

The facility aims to become carbon neutral within the next 10 years by increasing its renewable energy sources, and expanding all of its existing efficiency and emission-reducing programs.

While the Cleveland Clinic was one of the early adopters of the sustainability movement, an increasing number of hospitals are getting on board.

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This Quick Read was submitted by Cathryn Jakicic, Healthcare Industries Editor, FacilitiesNet. For about hospital campuses and other medical facilities, visit https://www.facilitiesnet.com/healthcarefacilities.






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