Ceiling Provides Escape Route for Prisoner

  July 9, 2018

By Cathryn Jakicic

Ceilings in institutional and commercial facilities are so much more than just ceilings. They play a major role in creating the ambience of a room, and they allow maintenance and engineering managers to conceal a range of facility components, including water pipes, HVAC vents, and electrical wires and cables.

In the case of one man, a ceiling also was an escape route, according to AL.com. The man had been taken to the University of Alabama-Birmingham hospital after claiming he swallowed a razor blade. An X-ray at the hospital did show an object in his system.

While hospitalized, he had been guarded and restrained with leg irons and handcuffs. But a hospital staff member asked that the restraints be removed for him to shower.

A deputy was stationed outside the shower door, heard a bump and looked in to see the man climbing into the ceiling. The escapee navigated his way out of the building, where he carjacked someone — reportedly a hospital employee — outside the hospital.

The man, charged with attempted murder, rape and robbery, later was recaptured.

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