Specifying Utility Vehicles

electric power, bio-diesel, propane, hauling capacity   February 5, 2008

Hi. This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip … utility vehicle specification

Gas-powered utility vehicles have a prominent presence in many organizations, but emerging technologies are making environmentally friendly machines a more viable option for grounds departments.

Many large institutions have landscaped areas that stretch across hundreds of acres. The problem managers run into is some electric golf carts do not have the hauling capacity or power to get across a site quickly and efficiently. Traditional utility vehicles with electric power often can do the job, but managers worry if the battery will last an entire shift.

Along with electric-powered machines, propane and bio-diesel utility vehicles are becoming more feasible options for grounds managers. But availability and cost are two things managers need to consider with alternative fuels.

Along with choosing the vehicles’ power source, managers must determine who will maintain and repair the machines. Departments often perform their own preventive maintenance, but what happens when vehicles need major repair?

The final thing managers must consider when specifying utility vehicles is their organizations’ overall view on sustainability. Public institutions might be more green-conscious than a private organization, and managers should determine where their organization stands.


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