Performance Aspects of Ceilings

ceilings, performance, acoustics, reflectance, plenum   February 4, 2008

Besides serving an aesthetic purpose, a ceiling needs to deliver performance benefits. The three main areas to consider when choosing a ceiling are acoustics, light reflectance and ease of access to the plenum.

A facility executive should weigh these three aspects and choose a ceiling that is a good compromise based on the needs of the space. If speech privacy is a top concern, ceiling panels with the best acoustical performance should be considered first. If energy savings from light reflectance is a major goal, a highly-reflectant panel should be at the top of the list. If regular maintenance is performed in the plenum space, a durable ceiling with easy access to the plenum is ideal.

Each space will have varying needs, and facility executives should choose a ceiling that balances aesthetics, cost and performance.


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