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Mowers: Inspection and Maintenance

This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip is preparing for mowing season.

Mowing season is upon us, and equipment inspection and maintenance at this time of year can set the stage for a successful summer-mowing program.

First and foremost, mower maintenance should be based on the program outlined in each owner’s manual. All mowers are different, and managers should use the owner’s manual for each piece of equipment as the minimum standard for upkeep. If mechanics and operators fail to follow the program outlined in the manual, the equipment warranty might not remain effective.

Prior to filling the fuel tank and taking off for the first time, a mechanic or qualified staff member should complete annual maintenance procedures and thoroughly inspect all equipment. Be sure to inspect all safety features to ensure they are in working order. Also, do not allow operators to override or modify safety devices.

Next, managers should set up routine equipment-maintenance schedules before mowing operations hit full stride. Mechanics should document their daily, weekly and monthly maintenance activities and communicate them to the operators.

One final activity managers never should overlook is operator training. Whether the operator is new on the job or an experienced veteran, they should receive training at the beginning of each mowing season.


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