Snow and Ice Management: Consider Versatility When Buying Equipment

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It is critical when purchasing equipment to keep versatility in mind and do the research on all types of equipment that could perform the work. So while managers understandably might place more emphasis on essential equipment during the high-demand period of November through March, they also need to consider ways the department can use that piece of equipment during transition times of spring and fall, as well as summer.

Equipment manufacturers offer a range of products departments can use for snow and ice management, so managers need to keep in mind the variety of available attachments for certain equipment. Most departments also handle their own landscaping projects. In such cases, equipment such as skid-steer loaders and compact wheel loaders offer a range of application options based on attachments available from both manufacturers and third-party vendors.

Before buying any machine or specific model, managers need to foresee the possible applications. Details such as applicable attachments and the machine’s hydraulic capability are critical points to understand. To purchase the most appropriate machine for the department, managers might need to spend a little more than anticipated and make the case for the usefulness of this equipment year-round.

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