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Safety Considerations in Mower Specification

Financial issues aside, successful mower specification focuses on applicability, safety and sustainability.

By Mike Fitzpatrick  
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<p>Smart grounds managers know they also must pay attention to the safety features and functions of a mower to protect operators and ensure reliable, long-term performance.</p>


<p>The terrain a department must maintain plays a major role in the type of mower a manager selects. Each machine comes with manufacturer recommendations, and these include the safest ways to use it in various locations.</p>


<p>While sensitive safety switches and bulky discharge chutes can be bothersome, they also can ensure that operators are safe while using the equipment. One common safety issue occurs when operators fold over a mower&rsquo;s rollover-protection system. It is easier to get the mower in and out of a building that way, but problems arise when operators leave it down when mowing so they do not have to pay attention to its height of the tree canopies.</p>


<p>But the rollover bar and the seatbelt are part of the overall protection system. They are designed to protect the operator if the mower rolls over &mdash; something that happens far too often to operators using these machines on steeper grades than they should.</p>


<p>The roll bar should remain up when the mower is in operation. Operators can prune low-hanging trees if the limbs are in the way, but they should never fold down the protection.</p>


<p>Operators also need to understand manufacturer recommendations for safe operation on slopes, which greatly mitigate risk and liability. Many of the same safety principles apply to mowing around water. If an operator runs the equipment right to the water&rsquo;s edge where the ground is soft, the unit ends up in the water. Operators also need to be aware of others working nearby to whom a mower could be a safety threat.</p>


<p>The final safety consideration is that every mower comes with some level of recommended personal protective equipment, so operators must make sure they also follow manufacturer recommendations.</p>


<p>By being aware of the unique conditions and requirements of turf and landscape areas, managers can choose a mower that is safe, economical and the most appropriate machine for their operations.</p>

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Safety Considerations in Mower Specification

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