SIDEBAR: Managers use Mowers as Recruiting Tools

SIDEBAR: Managers use Mowers as Recruiting Tools

Part one of a 4-part article on sustainability and mowers

By Mike Fitzpatrick  
OTHER PARTS OF THIS ARTICLEPt. 1: Commercial Mowers and the Sustainability ConnectionPt. 2: More Mower Options Mean Greater SustainabilityPt. 3: Achieving Sustainability Beyond Mowing EquipmentPt. 4: This Page

Grounds managers in institutional and commercial facilities are realizing sustainability and performance benefits from a new generation of mowers. But the equipment also can help them to attract and keep new employees.

Mower operators rely on the versatility and dependability of mowing equipment, and they appreciate that the equipment requires less training and is easier to operate. They also like the fact that new mowers can help them complete their tasks more quickly, which cuts down on the physical labor required.

New-generation mowers are also easier for workers to use and provide more warnings about potential mechanical issues. Providing employees with the most advanced equipment allows them do their jobs more efficiently, and it can be an effective strategy for retaining employees and boosting staff morale.

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