More Mower Options Mean Greater Sustainability

More Mower Options Mean Greater Sustainability

Part two of a 4-part article on sustainability and mowers

By Mike Fitzpatrick  
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Demands for greater sustainability in mowing equipment has made the specification process more challenging by introducing more factors that managers consider before making a final decision. New-generation mowers that offer more automation and better fuel efficiency also are more widely available, so it becomes the manager’s responsibility to weigh all of these factors in choosing the most appropriate mower for their teams and turf areas.

But managers should not fall in love with the brand. Instead, fall in love with the service that brand can provide after the initial purchase. Part of this consideration involves the type of warranty the manufacturer provides. Warranties generally are getting longer. In the past, manufacturers commonly offered one-year warranties. Now, more manufacturers are offering warranties for as long as three years.

Managers also should find out about the service plans a mower manufacturer offers in case something breaks or the mower operator or mechanic runs into an issue that requires repairs. Can they fix it easily themselves? What type of support will the manufacturer provide if needed?

These are just two of the questions managers need to consider before purchasing a new mower. A manager’s favorite brand might not offer the best service, but when emphasizing equipment quality and manufacturer service, the brand is less important.

New-generation mowers offer advantages to managers and their departments, but they are big-ticket purchases. Depending on the frequency with which a crew will use this equipment, it might make more sense to hire a contractor to perform mowing tasks.

Managers should determine whether it is financially beneficial for them to buy a newer mower or to hire a contractor that already owns the equipment and has experience with operation and maintenance.

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