Creating Campus Buzz Between Maintenance and Occupants

Creating Campus Buzz Between Maintenance and Occupants

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  

Beehives would not seem to have any connection to maintenance and engineering departments.

But when you consider the motivation behind the decision by Craig Petersen, director of operations for facilities management at the University of San Francisco, to bring a beehive to campus, it all makes sense.

University of San Francisco Director of Operations Creates Buzz on Campus
"Trying to find ways for facilities staff to interact with faculty, staff and students is exactly the reason why we initiated this project," says Petersen, who worked with his boss, the vice president for facilities management, to make the project happen.

The buzz on campus has resonated with students, faculty and the facilities staff, which benefits from the positive interaction with the people for whom they keep the lights on, the buildings cool, and the grounds looking their best.

Listen to Petersen dsicuss the benefits of maintenance and engineering departments positively interacting with staff and students in this month's podcast, which can be heard here.

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