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University of Pittsburgh Announces Climate Action Plan

  April 4, 2022

By Dave Lubach

The University of Pittsburgh recently released the details of its plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2037. 

Under the Pitt Climate Action Plan, the university plans to reduce annual emissions of the equivalent of taking more than 45,000 cars off the road. 

The three pillars to achieve its 2037 goals according to the university are energy demand reduction, clean supply via renewable and clean energy investment, and low carbon connections via active, shared and low carbon mobility. 

Future university investments will focus on decreasing the use of utilities on campus while investing in electricity generation for local hydroelectric and solar power. 

Energy demand reductions from space use optimization, existing building efficiency, and new building performance will enable the university to avoid 27,100 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Carbon emissions will be reduced by establishing and supporting low carbon connections for commuting and air travel through strategies such as shifting commuting modes to more active, shared, and low-carbon choices, and increase in flex work arrangements, air travel reductions, and air travel offsets. 

Pittsburgh's already making inroads on its carbon footprint goal, showing a 32 percent decrease in emissions between 2008 and 2020 by shifting to cleaner steam plants and ongoing energy efficiency projects in campus buildings. 

Dave Lubach is managing editor, Facility Market. 


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