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President Biden Sets Aggressive Solar Goal: 50 Percent by 2050

  September 29, 2021

By Dave Lubach

A significant part of Joe Biden’s platform during his presidential run was a commitment to slowing climate change. On Wednesday, the Biden Administration laid out a blueprint that emphasizes solar energy in the future.

The Energy Department unveiled an analysis that shows how solar energy could produce nearly half the nation’s electricity by 2050, as the Washington Post reported. The analysis outlined how the production of solar panels, currently providing 3 percent of the nation’s electricity, to 45 percent over the next three decades, up to 2050.

If achieved, the shift to solar would greatly impact the nation’s energy and infrastructure. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says the transition to using more solar energy could affect 1.5 million jobs.

The solar plan is part of Biden’s call for 100 percent of the nation’s electricity to come from clean energy by 2035.

Of course, the energy goals depend in part on Congress’ ability to fund Biden’s environmental programs.

Dave Lubach is managing editor, Facility Market. 


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