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Perspective: Advice for Adding Roofing to a Sustainability Plan

When developing your facility’s sustainability or “green building” plan, the roof is one area that is often overlooked, but also has the most potential. However, most FMs aren’t sure how to determine if a roof system is sustainable or not. To make it easy, focus on these key areas: 

• Energy Efficiency: Will the system meet cool roof requirements to help save on your energy bill? 

• Durability: Does the system have “real world” proof of long-term performance, or just offer long warranty coverage? 

• Waste Minimization: Can the system be recycled? 

• Fire Performance: Does the membrane continue to burn when the source of fire is removed or does it self-extinguish? 

• Environmentally Preferable Products: What percentage of the membrane is derived from oil? 

Focus on these important areas and you are sure to choose a long-term sustainable system. Learn more about evaluating roofing materials for sustainability at http://www.sustainabilitythatpays.com

This article was contributed by Sika Sarnafil, makers of thermoplastic (PVC), single-ply, commercial roofing and waterproofing membranes. Find out more about from them about sustainable roofing. For more on green building, see Building Operating Management’s October 2017 Green Issue.  

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posted on 10/30/2017