Know Where to Put Soundmasking

soundmasking, acoustics, interiors   May 5, 2009

Soundmasking is not a catch-all solution in spaces where acoustics are a problem. Soundmasking is designed to work in open plan office spaces, where the controlled and calculated sound benefits the type of work being performed. Workers in open office spaces need privacy for conversations and an acoustical buffer to help block out unwanted sound.

Some facility executives might think that installing soundmasking in someplace like a conference room would be beneficial in order to block sound coming from adjacent spaces. I would do that. However, the collaborative work that goes on in space like a conference room would be hindered by background noise like soundmasking. Occupants at opposite ends of the room may not be able to hear each other clearly, and speech may be garbled. In this case, the negatives of soundmasking would outweigh the benefits.


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