Is Your Data Center Staff Properly Trained?

  May 1, 2009

UPS systems. Backup Generators, and switchgear. There are countless pieces
of equipment data center operators buy and install in order to make sure
that their data center adheres to one of the the Uptime Institute's four
tiers of data center reliability. A Tier 4 data center is expected to have
99.995 percent availability with annual down time of .4 hours.
But such a rating is based upon the technology installed in a data center.
Many data center outages are based on human error, not technology.
How does one ensure the data center staff is properly trained? Maintaining
an in-house staff is one way. But regardless of the employment situation,
data center operators may want to ensure regular testing of staff based on
operator manuals, for example.
American Express, for example uses a mix of in-house and contract employees
in its data center. Employees who are certified are expected to be
re-certified on an annual basis. Rectification tests are done separately
from performance reviews to ensure that the exercise is educational.


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