Carpet Construction: Comparing Fibers and Backings

  September 22, 2009

Construction is the most important factor in selecting carpeting. When the right fiber and backing are selected, it can mean a long lived product, as opposed to one that wears out and needs replacing long before expected. When comparing products, look at carpet fiber density. It refers to how closely the fibers are packed together in relation to pile height. A carpet will crush easily if it has low density and high pile height. The carpet backing is also an important consideration. It’s what holds the fibers together and lays on the subfloor. A well-made backing will last for decades, whereas a weak backing will fall apart quickly. They are either permeable or impermeable to fluids, something to consider for each space. Permeable backings may deteriorate more quickly, but impermeable backings may not be necessary in spaces where moisture and spills aren’t common.


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