Day-to-Day Flooring Maintenance Duties to Consider

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  
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Ensuring that crews stick to a daily maintenance plan is the easiest way to minimize flooring problems and is essential for maintaining a long life for these products, McPherson says. Managers should consider the following strategies when developing a daily maintenance plan:

Understand needs. "Most key is for managers to have a good forecasting model for exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it, and putting together a set schedule of maintenance, cleaning, and being realistic with what you're doing," McPherson says. "If that's something in high-traffic areas and requires a lot of maintenance, then set your schedule to when people are coming and going."

Prevent damage. "Dust mopping and spot cleaning are key elements for keeping the floor clean and avoiding more damage if it is not cleaned appropriately," Saker says. "The grit control is key with mats," Saker says. "Most importantly, if there is a possibility to scrub the floor or auto scrub, that's probably one of the most efficient ways of maintaining the floor and keeping it looking good without incremental costs in chemicals and other procedures."

Provide training. "Managers need to make sure that the maintenance staff understands the products on the floor and what is required to keep them looking great," Quick says. "While this may take some time to do, in the long run the facility flooring will look better over a period of time and perform as it should."

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Flooring: Maintenance Matters Post-Installation

Day-to-Day Flooring Maintenance Duties to Consider

Product Focus: Flooring

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