Preventive Maintenance of the Fire Safety System

preventive maintenance, fire safety system   February 19, 2008

A system is only as strong as its weakest component. This applies to fire safety systems, which are made up of an intricate network of subsystems, some of which might get a little less attention than the rest. Since the system is so rarely called into action, it can be hard to know where the trouble spots are. Proper preventive maintenance on all the components of the fire suppression system will ensure this crucial system works without a hitch when needed. In addition to your sprinkler heads, pull stations and central control panel, think about all the auxiliary components needed to make the system work. For example, check your stand pipes and the pump which supplies them. At the outlets, are your pressure relief valves properly calibrated or are you only getting 10 gallons where it should be 200 gallons a minute? All codes and standards have testing and maintenance requirements, for which you should have a record. Regularly review the data for anything that jumps out as unusual to help avoid system failures during an emergency.


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