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Malfunctioning Sensors Prompt Smoke Detector Recall

  June 25, 2019

By Naomi Millán

Intelligent photoelectric smoke sensors sold under the Gamewell-FCI and Notifier brands can malfunction under certain conditions, such as a fast flaming fire, causing the fire alarm system to fail at notifying occupants of a fire. This has prompted Honeywell to recall about 22,000 smoke detectors with the photoelectric sensors, according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission recall 19-141.

The affected smoke detectors models all end in -IV. The Gamewell-FCI models are ASD-PL3-IV, ASD-PL3R-IV, and ASD-PTL3-IV, operating in CLIP mode. They are connected to the S3 series or E3 series fire alarm control panels. The Notifier models are FSP-951-IV, FSP-951R-IV, and FSP-951T-IV, operating in CLIP mode. They are connected to NOTIFIER ONYX NFS-3030 and NFS2-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panels.

The recalled detectors were sold as part of a fire alarm system for commercial buildings between March 2018 and January 2019. The model number, date codes and Honeywell or Notifier are printed on the back label of the smoke sensor.

Facility manager with the recalled smoke detectors installed in their facility are directed to immediately contact Notifier or Gamewell-FCI for free replacements. Gamewell-FCI can be reached at 800-633-1311 or www.gamewell-fci.com. Notifier can be reached at 800-289-3473 or online at hwll.co/CPSCsafetyFSP-951-IV.

Naomi Millán is senior editor of Building Operating Management. Go here for other recent recall notices.


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