Facility Maintenance Decisions

Fire Protection: Codes and Standards

Attention to frequency, staffing and scheduling can ensure successful management of fire and life safety systems

Fire protection and life safety systems for institutional and commercial facilities that require periodic inspection, testing and maintenance — along with the applicable standard or code — include:
Fire stopping joints and penetrations at fire rated construction – International Fire Code
Fire doors – National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 80
Fire dampers – NFPA 80
Fire-sprinkler systems (wet, dry, pre-action) – NFPA 25
Fire -alarm systems – NFPA 72
Standpipe systems – NFPA 25
Fire pumps – NFPA 20
Clean-agent systems – NFPA 2001
Hood-suppression systems – NFPA 96
Emergency power systems – NFPA 110
Smoke-control systems – NFPA 92
Hoistway/Stair pressurization systems – NFPA 92
Delayed-egress devices or locked doors – NFPA 101.

— Mark Chrisman

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