Fire-Alarm and Detection Systems: Common Maintenance Activities

By Lanny Ray  
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Depending on the age of the fire-alarm and detection system, modifications to the system, and facility conditions, managers might need to pay closer attention to overall system maintenance.

These maintenance activities can be as minor as cleaning smoke-detector sensing chambers or replacing devices that are damaged or not operating properly. Maintenance also can be as major as replacing non-operational fire-alarm panels. Licensed fire-alarm companies with the appropriate personnel must conduct this maintenance.

Records Required

Records, including the system's original as-built shop drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and the written sequence of operations, provide system operation and layout information for the testing agency.

This information is crucial, especially when the fire-alarm and detection system interfaces to other building equipment, such as:

  • elevator recall
  • suppression-system actuation
  • door control
  • smoke control
  • HVAC shutdown.

Inspection records also provide information about previous system testing and deficiencies encountered during that testing.

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