Flexibility, Fast-Track Are Benefits of Metal Buildings

  November 1, 2013

Today's tip is about how metal buildings are ideal for fast-track construction and for flexible building needs. As Chuck Praeger, assistant general manager of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, says, "When owners decides to build, they want it yesterday."

One of the keys to the process, though, is to be sure to work with with a reputable manufacturer. How do you tell? The best way, says Praeger, is to only work with metal building manufactures that have an AC472 accreditation. This is an accreditation that ensures the manufacturer meets certain quality assurance benchmarks. It's also a requirement for membership in the Metal Building Manufacturers Association.

Flexibility is also an important benefit of metal buildings. The buildings are manufactured at a plant and erected on site by a qualified contractor or erector. The process of design and programming can typically be complete in fewer than 10 weeks, says Praeger. This has benefits beyond the fact that it's much quicker than a traditional construction process. For one, says Praeger, once the metal building is designed, the rest of the building elements — façade, HVAC, etc. — can be costed out and scheduled much more accurately. That means there are fewer change orders later, and again, a more cost-effective, efficient construction process.

Finally, Praeger offers one last piece of advice for the fast-track metal building construction process: Simply be sure you know what you want before you start. Nothing can lengthen and add cost to a project like an owner who keeps changing his mind or has non-specific goals for the project.


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