Indoor Air Quality Depends on Outside Air Quality Too

  October 29, 2013

IAQ is not just about indoor air quality. In fact, in order to effectively tackle any IAQ issues at a facility, the outdoor air needs to be evaluated as well. For example, is the quality of the outdoor air worse than the inside air? Answering that question can help narrow down sources of contaminants.

So what do you do if the answer is yes and the outside air is contributing to the IAQ problem? First, check the air filters and air dampers on air-supply intakes and clean or replace as necessary.

Maintaining adequate indoor air volume is important to good IAQ, as well as maintaining adequate airflow. To increase airflow, clean the air ducts to reduce particulates, which reduce air volume and are also a source of contaminants. Cleaning the ducts by scrubbing and vacuuming can also remove hidden mold.

Maintaining indoor air quality is so important, ASHRAE is giving away free downloads of its Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning. The guide describes 40 IAQ strategies related to moisture management, ventilation, filtration and air cleaning and source control, says ASHRAE. It also highlights how design and construction teams can work together to ensure good IAQ strategies are incorporated from initial design through project completion.

Download a free copy of the guide here.


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