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Facilities Dictionary: Hot Desking

By Naomi Millán Facilities Management
Office workers in a casual open office sitting in different work areas.

Hot Desking (noun)
1. Flexible workplace strategy wherein individuals have no dedicated location in the workplace. Rather, individuals reserve workspaces as needed based on work needs that day or on personal preference, such as thermal comfort. 2. Cramming as many employees into a space as code allows to minimize square footage while cultivating a hip startup vibe.

AKA: hoteling, free addressing, touchdown space

Note: Unlike musical chairs, the critical concept behind this space management strategy is that everyone who needs a chair will have a chair. But there will be no — or minimal — unoccupied work stations. Occupancy studies using sensors can provide a better sense of underused or in-demand areas of the office.

Leveraging Building IoT technologies to help users check in and publish their daily work locations will help prevent impromptu games of hide and seek. It also makes it evident if one user is always camped out in a desirable work booth.

This Quick Read was submitted by Naomi Millán, senior editor, Building Operating Management.  Facilities management is full of quirky terms and acronyms. (Alphabet soup, anyone?) If there are any terms that you’d like defined because they’re strange, weird, or just funny, send me an email at naomi.millan@tradepress.com, and I’ll add it to my list. 


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