lagena primary school building

Chinese Building Walks to New Location. Wait, What? 

  December 30, 2020

By Greg Zimmerman

The Lagena Primary School building in Shanghai, China, must’ve been bored with where it sat. So it got up and walked to a new location. 

No joke! Take a look at this video from Buzz60

So the real story of this robot building (or building robot?) is that engineers installed nearly 200 mechanical “legs” underneath the building. This was part of an 18-day project to relocate the 16-million-pound building 202 feet to a new site, so that it wouldn’t have to be torn down to make way for a redevelopment project. 

The five-story historic building was originally built in 1935, and because of its “sensitivity,” none of the traditional methods for moving buildings (slide rail or flatbed relocation) were a fit. During its “walk,” the building also rotated to fit better on its new site. 

Now that the building has arrived at its new location, it’ll undergo a huge renovation to “inject new vitality into the building,” according to China’s CCTV Video News Agency. Here’s more video of the building on the stroll.

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