Adopting Innovations Can Keep Green Cleaning Programs Fresh

  July 1, 2015

A lot of progress has been made in commercial facilities in terms of green cleaning programs. But just because a facility has a program in place does not mean its time for the facility manager to become complacent. There is always room to improve, especially as the green cleaning industry continues to innovate, bringing new products to market. One way facility managers can continue to improve their green cleaning program is to keep an eye these innovations.

For example, over the past few years, a number of sanitizers with no or almost no chemicals have entered the cleaning market. Some turn simple tap water and salt into a cleaning solution. Another example: diamond-encrusted pads for floor care. Rather than stripping and cleaning floors with chemicals, these oscillate to scour the material. It's done without chemicals and more quickly than some traditional cleaning methods can accomplish this task, experts say. In part, that's because many chemicals require time to work, and then some must also be neutralized.

Antimicrobial coatings are another innovation. These can help protect against micro-organisms like bacteria and germs. Ultraviolet (UV) light boasts cleaning capabilities as well. UV radiation can penetrate the cell walls of some organisms, destroying their ability to reproduce. As a result, it's effective at inactivating many viruses, spores, and cysts. And because it's a physical process rather than a chemical disinfectant, the need to generate, handle, transport, or store hazardous chemicals is reduced.

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