Work With Suppliers to Improve Green Cleaning

  June 30, 2015

When looking for ways to improve the green cleaning program at a facility, one step to take is to dig a little deeper with vendors on what supplies are available for purchase. If vendors haven't offered green cleaning supplies, it pays to ask what they carry, and which new products they've picked up lately. While some vendors volunteer this information, others may worry that sales of green products will cut into their sales of other, potentially more profitable, products. If there is a price increase to "go green" the experts suggest pushing back and negotiating. There are many green options available on the market, and not all of them are the most expensive choice.

Experts also recommend asking about the service provider's own sustainability initiatives. Does it use sustainable products in its own facilities? Are its own buildings LEED certified? In total, does it practice what it preaches? With green programs, the people, planet, and profit all have to benefit, says Jennifer Corbett-Shramo, chief executive officer with Innovative Cleaning Services, Inc. Check that the provider's product and service offerings are safe, cost-effective, and good for the environment, she says.

After all, the industry will change when buyers of these products and services decide they'll work with companies or individuals that use sustainable, least harmful products and methods. To provide some incentive, agreements with service providers can be structured so that the vendors make more money when using least-harmful products.

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