5 Must-Read Books on Facilities Management

These books on facilities management help provide tools that are necessary to be successful in your career.   June 27, 2022

By Mackenna Moralez, Associate Editor

There has been extra attention on facilities management in recent years. With safety protocols regularly changing and new technology getting introduced, it is up to facilities professionals to ensure that buildings are healthy and safe for people to enter.  

As the ongoing labor shortage continues, facilities are continuing to strengthen their recruiting efforts. Once hired, organizations are still in charge of training, and while most of this can take place on the job, some material cane be covered outside of the worksite.

Books on facilities management can give managers a range of strategies and tactics they need to succeed. Here are five must read books on facilities management: 

1.) The Facility Management Handbook – 4th Edition by Kathy Roper & Richard Payan 

This book covers the range of facilities management topics from technology applications to disaster recovery planning. This guide shares overviews, case studies and practical guidelines that pave the way for successful managers.  

2.) Introduction to Healthcare Facilities Management by Skip Smith, Tim Adams, Chad E. Beebe 

This handbook helps readers to become more familiar with healthcare facilities management. Filled with quizzes, tips and anecdotes from seasoned professionals, it can be a valuable tool to newcomers and veteran managers alike. 

3.) The Complete Guide to Facility Management by Dan Lowry

This guide covers what exactly is required of a practicing facility manager in today’s built environment. Through his own personal stories and examples, Lowry teaches the four FM knowledge domains of operations and maintenance, project management, business finance and leadership to new and old FMs alike. The book demonstrates how what is needed in order to develop a career within facilities management.  

4.) Facilities Manager's Desk Reference, 3rd Edition by Jane M. Wiggins

The latest edition of Facilities Manager’s Desk Reference is written for students and professional facilities managers, acting as a practical resource for FMs that are looking to find solutions to the ongoing demands of the industry. Wiggins provides the information needed to ensure compliance to current laws, delivers opportunities to adopt new ways of using built environments and identifies creative ways to reduce operational occupancy costs all while maintaining a productive work environment.  

5.) The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance and Budgeting by David G. Cotts & Ed Rondeau

Making financial decisions can be challenging regardless of what industry you work in. This book serves as a finance and budgeting guide in order to help facilities managers understand the concept of work programs and programmatic planning and budgeting. Filled with examples from working facilities managers, the authors demonstrate how to make decisions on projects without breaking the bank.  

Mackenna Moralez is the associate editor of FacilitiesNet.


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