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LEED Zero Certifications Reach 23 Million Square Feet

Operating buildings to deeply reduce their impact on the environment is the future of facility management.   June 27, 2022

By Greg Zimmerman, senior contributing editor

Buildings that generate as much (or more) energy as they use – that is, net-zero energy or regenerative buildings – are unquestionably the future. Designing and operating buildings to minimize their impact on the environment over the course of their entire lifespan is one of the most important things facilities managers can do to lessen buildings’ impact on climate change. 

Many facility managers are now taking that idea to heart. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently announced it has nearly 100 buildings comprising 23 million square feet of space certified in its suite of LEED Zero certifications. According to USGBC, LEED Zero provides a clear, data-driven path to recognizing net-zero goals and signals market leadership in the built environment. 

LEED Zero includes four specific certification cohorts, including LEED Zero Carbon, LEED Zero Energy, LEED Zero Water, and LEED Zero Waste.  

USGBC also recently released its Future of LEED principles, which lays out a roadmap for future LEED development.  

Greg Zimmerman is senior contributing editor for FacilitiesNet.com and Building Operating Management magazine. 


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