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Embrace Change: How to Leave Legacy Systems Behind

In this preview of his NFMT 2022 session, John Rimer explains why the way to embrace change management is to have employees involved every step of the way.

By Mackenna Moralez, assistant editor  

It is time to start embracing change – whatever that may be for your organization. Whether it is bringing on new team members or changing the way things are done, it is up to facility managers to move these new programs forward. While there will be several obstacles to overcome, it is essential to involve employees in every step of the way in order to see results. 

In his session, Leaving a Legacy... Behind..., at NFMT, John Rimer, President, FM360 will host a transparent discussion on how organizations can envelop change management without the fear of leaving legacy practices behind. 

FacilitiesNet.com: In what ways do you help companies pursue change management?  

Rimer: What are some strategies to help win over legacy employees? The value of change management cannot be overstated. Managing begins at recognition of the needed change versus the messy clean-up that inevitably ensues upon failure to do such. A key first step is to cast a shared vision with the team and to work with them to chart and navigate the course. Staff and stakeholders must realize how the proposed change(s) will positively impact them and the resultant value proposition. 

FN: How do you gain employee trust during times of change?  

Rimer: Employees should be involved in the drafting of a vision and mission. By making them part of the discussion, they are more likely to assume partial ownership and assist with implementation. 

FN: How often should facilities managers review their current programs to make sure they are still up to date?  

Rimer: Facility Managers should review their strategy documents annually to ensure they are current, relevant, and accurate. Albeit significant internal and external factors and events may dictate a more frequent review. 

FN: How can facilities managers continue to move their programs forward as the COVID-19 pandemic continues?  

Rimer: What are some things they should focus on? Focus is the key word here. The COVID pandemic and resulting fallout have drawn away resources, halted progress in many ways, and distracted us from other primary duties. Thus, it is imperative that we firm up our vision and strategic plans and move our programs forward – learning from the pandemic, not hindered by it. 

FN: What will NFMT attendees gain from your session? 

Rimer: In FM360’s Leaving a Legacy…Behind… session, we will talk about the steps a manager can take to help shake the status quo and the all-too-common retort of “this is how we have always done it”, so that their program can evolve and progress. 

Our second session, On the Move – Getting More Out of Staff and Resources, will address how you can leverage technology to help you better utilize your strained resources to implement the proposed program improvements. 

NFMT takes place March 29-31 in Baltimore. To learn more, please visit nfmt.com.

Mackenna Moralez is the assistant editor for facilitiesnet.com.

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