What FMs Can Do To Make Interiors More Resilient

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One of the often talked about concepts in real estate right now is "resilience." This is often framed as a facility and business being able to continue functioning at some level during and after a major disaster. How is this concept being discussed in terms of facility interiors and what can facility managers do to make their interiors more resilient?

Resilience is typically related to building structures; however, there are many aspects of the interiors that should be considered as well. After all what good is a building that is able to be occupied structurally but the interiors are destroyed. Some ways to protect your investment for business continuity are to seismically brace the building systems like the heating and cooling ductwork and piping, plumbing and gas risers, light fixtures, ceilings, and anything that is a falling hazard or would disrupt business after an event.

Answers provided by James B. Woods PE, LEED AP BD+C, senior engineer, Mechanical & Energy, ARUP

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