The People Side of Facilities

By Dan Hounsell, Editor-in-Chief  

I love the point in the baseball season when general managers have to make tough decisions about their rosters as they chase a pennant. “I could trade for a starter,” a general manager might say. “But I really need to find a left-handed bat off the bench.”

Some general managers choose a different strategy. They opt to stand pat and put their faith in the players they have. “The answer is already in the building,” they say. They believe in their people.

This approach came to mind as I reviewed the entries in this year’s Facility Maintenance Decisions Achievement Awards. Each year, we honor noteworthy achievements in four categories: Sustainability, Renovations & Retrofits, Financial Management, and Personnel Management.

Among the most noticeable changes throughout this year’s entries is a jump in the number of entries for Personnel Management. As in years past, many entries spotlight managers’ sustainability efforts, and nearly as many describe successful facility renovations.

But this year, more entries than ever discuss managers’ efforts to maximize their in-house personnel. From training programs to staff reorganizations, more managers — who no doubt are also upgrading their facilities and undertaking sustainability efforts — are taking steps to get the most out of valuable resources already in house.

It’s understandable that managers often pursue the latest technology or management trend in seeking greater efficiency and productivity. But like the utility infielder who’s been at the end of the bench all season, a manager’s best answer might already be in the building.

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  posted on 9/5/2017   Article Use Policy

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