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Fire/Life Safety

SimplexGrinnell The new Simplex TrueSTART (System Technical Analysis and Readiness Testing) instrument is a portable, hand-held diagnostic tool that can simplify and expedite the commissioning process for the company’s fire alarm systems. The product enables contractors or technicians to quickly verify that all wiring and peripheral devices are installed correctly and operating properly — even before the system wiring is connected to the fire alarm control panel.

Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams Resilience premium exterior paint is designed to withstand peeling and blistering as well as provide long-term protection against moisture. The product can be used on masonry, concrete, steel, stucco, vinyl and wood substrates and is available in a wide range of colors. It contains VinylSafe color technology, so vinyl siding can be painted in dark colors without concern that it will buckle or warp from the sun’s heat.


CES Group Mammoth’s integrated prefabricated equipment center (iPEC) centralizes HVAC equipment into a single prefabricated, factory-tested package. iPEC holds chillers, air handlers, and more. Designed to work efficiently and reliably, components are located near each other to reduce piping and electrical cost. Can be positioned atop, alongside or inside building space.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Greenheck The VersiVent Model VER energy recovery unit features a high performance total energy wheel, a high efficiency centrifugal plenum supply fan, two-inch double-wall construction, and hinged access doors. Cooling options include chilled water, split system DX and packaged DX with R410a refrigerant. Hot water, indirect gas or electric heating options are available.


Sloan Valve The company’s high-efficiency toilet (HET) systems package 1.28 gpf flushometers with vitreous china toilet fixtures, combining the performance of the toilet and the flush valve to ensure water-efficient systems. Available in battery-powered and hardwired sensor-operated flushometers and manual flushometers.


Duro-Last For a roofing system to be considered sustainable, it must deliver the Five E's: energy, environment, endurance, economics and engineering. The design, manufacture, maintenance, life-cycle impact, adaptive re-use, destruction and recycling of all roofing components must help meet today's environmental building standards. The brochure, "There's One Cool Solution for Sustainable, High-Performance Roofing" explains why the company's CoolZone roofing system is sustainable.

Air Conditioner

Atlas Sales and Rental The Office Pro 63 combines 60,000 BTU/hr of cooling with the convenience of 460-volt electrical power. The unit, manufactured by MovinCool, has a 5-ton capacity and is designed to deliver cooling to large data centers, office areas and other applications where 460-volt 3-phase power is utilized. Features include a programmable digital thermostat, dual-speed fan for airflow control and automatic condensate pump for continuous operation.


Armstrong The Optima Capz acoustical ceiling system provides excellent sound absorption while maintaining the look and feel of open plenum or exposed structure spaces. The system’s new, large-size, fine-textured ceiling panels can be installed directly to a metal deck to maximize ceiling height, onto drywall, or suspended with wires.


Generac The Bi-Fuel generators start on diesel fuel and add natural gas as load is applied. During an outage, they typically operate on a mixture of up to 70 percent natural gas and 30 percent diesel fuel. If the natural gas supply is interrupted, the generator automatically switches to 100 percent diesel without any power drop during the transition.

Sliding Glass Door

EFCO Corporation The 5XPT thermal sliding glass door provides attractive design while fulfilling stringent performance and security requirements. The door saves energy with the E-Strut thermal barrier and accommodates glazing up to 1 5/16 inches, allowing a wider range of glazing options and performance. In addition, the low sill profile creates a modern, streamlined look.

Wall System

Dow Chemical The THERMAX wall system is a three-in-one system with continuous insulation, air barrier and flashings. It meets thermal, fire, air, bulk water and moisture code requirements. Due to its energy-efficient design, the system enables a thinner wall profile, maximizes usable space and may contribute to USGBC LEED credits.


Daikin The Intelligent Manager III integrates with all models of the company’s air conditioning systems to save energy and manage buildings. Among other functions, the product displays the operation time periods and duration for individual units, determining timing and hours of operation. An operation history is displayed in a chronological sequence to identify the causes of malfunctions or analyze ways of reducing power consumption.


Georgia-Pacific Gypsum DensArmor Plus Abuse Guard is a fiberglass-mat, abuse-resistant panel designed as a replacement for paper-faced panels in commercial building interiors. The product has fiberglass mats and a moisture-resistant core, providing moisture and mold resistance. The product comes with a six-month weather-exposure limited warranty and has received both GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children & Schools certifications for low emitting products.

BAS Controller

TAC The Xenta 700 series of building automation controllers combine building control, Web functionality, alarm handling and graphics in a compact package. The Xenta 700 possesses an embedded Web server that allows users to access control applications and networks via a Web browser.


Johnsonite Mesto is a 2-mm/0.80-inch rubber tile with a subtle, tonal marbleized design in a palette of 16 colorways that coordinate with other flooring material types in the company’s integrated high performance flooring system. The product’s neutral palette is part of Color Foundations, the company’s commitment to guaranteed color availability — colors within the Mesto program will never be discontinued and will always be available.


Firestone The RubberGard EcoWhite EPDM membrane can be used where high reflectivity is required. As manufactured, the product’s reflectivity is consistent with the Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council programs. The product’s membrane is more flexible than thermoplastic membranes, allowing for year-round application. Available for fully-adhered applications only.


Maine Glass The company provides interior insulating windows that work with a building’s existing windows to reduce energy consumption, solar heat gain and air leakage by 75-90 percent. The windows are installed with minimal downtime. The company also offers operable between-glass-blinds that eliminate the cost of blind cleaning and repair.


AERCO The Benchmark 1.5 Low NOx condensing, fully modulating boiler brings the field-proven design of the Benchmark series and an exceptionally small design to projects requiring 1.5 million BTU/hr. It delivers 20:1 turndown, resulting in maximized operating efficiency and seasonal fuel savings. The unit is designed with a low NOx burner for applications requiring minimal emissions.


BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises The ELASTOSPRAY spray-applied polyurethane foam roofing system offers superior insulation properties for energy efficiency and improved building structural strength at a low life-cycle cost, according to the company. The system can be applied directly to the existing substrate in 95 percent of retrofit cases, eliminating tear-off and reducing waste to landfills.

Vertical Transportation

Fujitec The destination floor registration unit (DFRU) is a touch panel/LCD screen to replace traditional UP/DOWN elevator hall buttons. Passengers select their floor or tenant destination via the touch screen and the LCD directs each passenger to their elevator. Handicap operation is easily accessible and chimes when handicap service is requested. Elevators can be designated for special uses (freight, VIP, parking, etc.).

Vegetative ROOF

Tecta America The company offers turnkey ways to use a roof to lessen the environmental impact of a building. The vegetated roof application includes both modular and traditional green roofs. The company has more than 3,000 roofing professionals and is experienced at working at heights and with the safety requirements for buildings.


Select Products The company’s aluminum geared continuous hinges use pair-matched hinge leaves, lifetime lubrication and anodizing after machining that work together to give them a 50-plus-year product life-cycle. This longevity is proven by more than 25,000,000 cycles in independent testing. The hinges are protected by a warranty which covers any hinge failure under normal use with no expiration date.


Sika Sarnafil The Décor roof system offers the appearance of a standing seam metal roof and the long-term watertight security of heat-weldable thermoplastic. The roof provides exceptional design flexibility for both new and re-roof applications. The product is available in seven standard colors and an unlimited number of custom colors.

Tissue Dispenser

SCA Tissue The Tork bath tissue dispensing system has a distinctive enclosed design that keeps the reserve top roll covered until needed. When the primary roll is nearly depleted, an auto-transfer feature drops the reserve roll into place. The primary roll continues to spin freely until completely depleted, significantly decreasing waste. The used core stays within the dispenser until reloading.

Soap Dispenser

Technical Concepts The AutoFoam skin care system is a touch-free dispenser that encourages hand washing and eliminates waste from overuse. The large capacity refill provides 35 percent more than typical foam soap systems. Visual and audio cues indicate low refill and battery life, and the key-locked dispenser deters vandalism. Available in a wide array of colors.


High-R Insulation Systems The company’s insulation systems for metal buildings feature R-values in excess of R43. The product is power-washable, class 1-A fire rated, resistant to chemicals, FDA approved for food grade applications, and has a bright white finish. A finished system offers superior appearance over traditional vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation and is maintenance-free compared to other insulation systems, according to the company.


ASCO Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, offers a 14-page, full-color brochure on the company’s 7000 Series generator paralleling control switchgear. The brochure describes features and benefits that make the switchgear suited for prime power and emergency power systems. A digital paralleling controller, networking configurations, and service teams that helped create and support the system also are explained in the brochure.

Wall System

KI Genius walls accommodate the change, expansion and mobility that is typical of many facilities without foregoing structural integrity or aesthetics. They incorporate acoustical properties, low life-cycle costs, flexibility and clean room capabilities for an all-encompassing moveable wall solution. New aesthetic enhancements include a seamless connector, a hidden track sliding door and a recessed floor channel.

Cleaning Service

UGL Unicco Combining the new GreenClean program with the company’s other operations and facilities maintenance capabilities can help buildings achieve LEED-EB certification. The GreenClean service unites certified chemicals, tools, processes, training, service and support.

Lamp Recycling

Air Cycle The BulbEater is designed to crush spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100-percent recyclable material while capturing over 99.99 percent of the vapors released. The system, which is mounted to a 55-gallon drum, can hold up to 1350 4-foot fluorescent lamps. The Bulb Eater is EPA- and OSHA-compliant, frees up storage space, reduces handling and related labor costs, and cuts recycling costs by 50 percent or more, according to the company.

Equipment Rentals

NES Rentals The company offers rental of more than 735 types of equipment, including aerial construction, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts and rough terrain equipment. They also rent specialty equipment including earthmoving and general equipment, scaffolding and more. The company also sells used equipment, complementary parts, supplies and merchandise, and provides repair and maintenance services.


Gexpro The company offers a full line of electrical, voice, data and security products; expertise and experience to locate product solutions; large local inventories at more than 170 branches; value-added services, expertise and advice; and worldwide resources with local understanding. Circle #261


Falcon Waterfree The company’s urinal uses a liquid sealant that is lighter than water to filter urine and eliminate flush valves. The sealant floats on a layer of water in a replaceable cartridge within the urinal, connected to the drain. The urinals have no sensors, valves, or flush plumes and reduce operating cost, eliminate plumbing emergencies, and provide cleaner restrooms, according to the company.

Bird Control

Bird-X Stainless Spikes Needle Strips eliminate roosting surfaces from buildings and structures. Spikes project from the base, creating a 5-inch spread of dense and pointed barrier designed to prevent birds from landing. Material is surgical grade stainless steel, plus UV-inhibited polycarbonate. Holes along the base allow attachment with screws, nails, adhesive or wire.


Schneider Electric New features for the PowerLogic ION7550 and ION7650 power and energy meters include advanced power quality capabilities, a trending and forecasting module viewable through new Web pages, and support for the new 100Base-T/FX communication card. The meters also have the ability to log adaptive waveforms captures, which provide records of events for up to 60 seconds.

Wall System

Centria The Formawall Graphix Series offers endless design opportunities. The insulated metal composite wall-panel system creates the effect of a multi-panel installation with a single panel by adding segmented joints that mimic panel joints. These can be placed at almost any location along the length of the panel. The product is available in a variety of lengths and widths.

Mass Notification

NOTIFIER In the event of a life-threatening emergency, the company’s mass notification systems broadcast live, up-to-the minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities spread across a city, state, even the globe. The company’s products and technology fit a wide range of facility types and applications.

Supplier database

Blue Book The Blue Book can help you find and message subcontractors and suppliers for current or upcoming projects. In print and at, you can search the database, with 1,000,000 categorized, qualified company listings. BB-Bid, a free online bid management system, facilitates messaging your private vendors and those in The Blue Book database.


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